Free Nola 2021 Updates & Stats

Please allow me to give you an overview of what God has done through each of you during 2021. Even though this was a very difficult year; God still used you to make a difference!! Whether it was your gift of time, talent, resources or prayer, you are what made this an amazing year! All glory goes our great God!

One of the most important things Free NOLA provide is on-going awareness and training, a key ingredient in the fight against sex trafficking. Even though most of the year was spent on lock-down; we were still able to assist 3-victims with resources, referrals and assistance in locating long-term restorative care. 

Awareness, education and training was at the top of the list, especially for those on lock-down so our focus was not only in-person but many sessions held virtually – this gave us the ability to reach a broader range of participants. During 2021 over 550-participants were trained on domestic human sex trafficking. Students, health care practitioners, businesses, civic groups, church members, hospitality industry, trucking industry and the general public all received instruction on what domestic sex trafficking looks like, but more importantly how to recognize it and what to do and who to call for help.

The total number of people served just through outreaches = 15,000


2021 Impact Report


Long Stem Roses given out with Scripture card and contact info attached


Bags of Lindt Chocolates given to the men who work in the clubs


Gift bags handed out to men and women working in New Orleans East clubs and massage parlors


Bars of soap given to motel staff to place in bathroom of guest rooms


Tampons given out where soap could not be used


Missing children brochures handed out to motel staff


Missing Children Posters handed out to motel staff

36 Dozen

Cookies baked by our Ladies Small Group to be used in Midnight Outreach, FAST and ONE Ministry.

Thank You to Our Incredible Team

“Without this amazing team we would not be able to enjoy the success that God has given to us. It is because of this faithful team who never cease to pray and knock on heaven’s door for ALL the outreaches/interventions and those we serve. With well over 330-prayer team members, it gives our teams great comfort in knowing you have their back!”

– Diane Amos 
  Founder, Free Nola

Midnight Outreach Street Team

  • 3-5 volunteers participate with each outreach.
  • Key leader – Summer Herring / Leslie Rodrigue / Diane Amos
  • Rose Team – 3-10 members
  • Key Leader – Elizabeth Valenti
  • Chocolate Team – 2-5 members
  • Key Leaders – Raymond and Karen Pizzitolo

ONE Ministry Outreach Team

  • 3-6 volunteers participate with each outreach
  • Key Leader – Diane Amos
  • Free NOLA visited the New Orleans East clubs and massage parlors 4-different times and handed out 240-Gift Bags to the men and women; that means that there were 240 opportunities to interact with potential victims

F.A.S.T Outreach Team

  • 6-10 volunteers participate with each outreach
  • Key Leaders – Angel Daigle / Sarah Ponti / Diane Amos
  • Missing Children Brochure/Poster Development
  • Key Leader – Evelyn Anderson
  • Data support – 3-people
  • Key Leader(s) – Angel Daigle / Sarah Ponti / Diane Amos
  • Cookie baking team – 5-20 members
  • Key Leader – Becky Lasselle